As summer rolls in, everyone starts gearing up… and that means getting a new pair of sunglasses! Being a key accessory in the apparel department, they are one item during those extra sunny months (or maybe all year long depending on your location) that are necessary for whomever may be on the receiving end. Those special folks will thank you for giving them a pair that can last all season long AND look good while doing it. Sunglasses can often be a big hit as a promo product, only adding to their value. We’re here to support all of your sunglass needs!

  1. Brand names. Lucky you! We carry awesome high-end sunglasses to impress everyone, such as Ray Bans, Maui Jims, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and various others. This summer we’ll help make sure everyone is decked out in only the best.
  2. Bamboo or wood. Authentic-looking wood or bamboo products are extremely popular right now… and we suggest jumping on the band wagon in the sunglass genre. They’ll help give a BoHo relaxed look for when you want that laid-back style.
  3. Sport style. These glasses are often worn for outdoor sports such as volleyball, running, or cycling. They’re perfect for some summer fun activities since they’re light weight and UV-protected. This includes Oakley’s!
  4. Multi-purpose glasses. For party events, we have a fun pair that doubles as a bottle opener. Can you say life of the party? No one will have to worry about trying to find a way to crack open a cold one while wearing these glasses.
  5. Fashionistas. Cute cat eye style, check. Aviators, check. Fun prints, check. We carry endless styles for the truly fashionable. Lots of styles, endless looks.


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