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Technology We've Got the Know How

Placing Orders

When a product idea comes to mind we want to be there for you to produce it without worry. We know that ordering can be a challenge, so we do our best to make it as easy and as straight forward as possible.

Sourcing Technology

From industry standard sourcing systems to our own internal databases, we have the experience and vision to put the latest technological solutions to work for you.

On-Staff IT

Applications and technology systems need the special care and attention that JNI offers. Our round-the-clock IT staff is always on the lookout for opportunities and growth. Our clients' information and their users' ease is our priority.

Verified Disaster Recovery Plan

A British adventurer once said, "Always build your back-up plan." JNI knows how important customer data is and we go through every measure to ensure that it's protected and backed up.


What's the quickest path between two points? At JNI, we know that the communication between an online store and its customers' ease is PunchOut. We use PunchOut to ensure the fastest, safest transactions and easiest delivery systems. Point A to Point B has never been so simple for our clients.

Branded Web Storefronts

You know where your customers are, so how do you reach them? JNI has you covered there too. We use the most user friendly technology to create a customizable, easy to use way to order and create goods for your company needs. Let us know your storefront needs and we'll find a way to exceed expectations.

Online Rewards Programs

At JNI, we know the importance of customer satisfaction, so it's our pleasure to run our client's loyalty and recognition programs, so everyone gets what they want at no risk. That's enough reward for us.

Localization & Currency Exchange

We take JNI's philosophy of thinking locally - wherever we are. We go the extra mile (or a couple thousand) to aid our customers in whatever they need localized and in that currency. The only thing that will need to be updated is your passport.


Distribution We've Got Boots on the Ground

The Warehouse

You've ordered some great branded products. Now where are you going to keep them? JNI has a fully staffed and full functioning warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. Our storage facilities are staffed with fulfillment coordinators who keep everything running smoothly.


Clients know that variety and personalization is the spice of life. Keep your packaging, fulfillment, and shipping needs in one place - with us. We have the capabilities to personalize and individualize each package that we ship out.


With an international, trusted network of 5,000 partners and a tight national supply chain there's no limit to what we can do. Projects large, small, and everything in between get the same amount of attention to detail when being fulfilled.

Global We'll Take you Worldwide