"Choose More " with JLO and BODYARMOR Lyte Kit


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Nadel worked with sports drink company BODYARMOR to create an incredible brand kit that embodied wellness, fitness, and their new product—BODYARMOR Lyte in partnership with Jennifer Lopez. We executed and delivered an exciting unboxing experience aimed to enhance brand visibility. 


The Challenge

We needed to craft an engaging influencer kit to launch in conjunction with a commercial starring Jennifer Lopez. The new campaign was to promote the brand's low-calorie, no-sugar-added drink BODYARMOR Lyte. "Every day you get to choose: Do I want more? Can I grow stronger? Can I push myself harder? Can I get better?" 

 The Process

We collaborated closely with the BODYARMOR team to curate items that fit their goals, ensuring each branded piece captured the campaign message. Careful selection of items related to fitness were essential to resonate with the audience as well as connect with JLO's message of determination and hard work. Attention was paid to both the exterior and interior design of the packaging to compliment BODYARMOR Lyte's branding. 

The Results  

The launch was a success with thousands of views and shares on social channels. It was a testament to the hard work put on behind the scenes, resulting in the gratifying experience of seeing the influencer work and customer excitement! 

"This project resonates with me because it exemplifies how the real work is done behind the scenes when no one is watching. I love being part of the process."

Kym Chartash, Vice President, Senior Brand Consultant

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