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Nadel creates seasonal collections to connect with our clients and showcase our capabilities. The vibrant Dot Collection reflects the creativity and excellent quality for which our company is known, including a selection of useful merchandise items with the mesmerizing dotted pattern. This collection was an opportunity for our clients to see our work up close and envision how we can help them create unforgettable branded experiences.   


The Challenge   

We constantly need to find new ways to impress our clients. With this collection, we wanted to offer a selection of products that felt functional, but also stylish, creative, and cool. We also needed to ensure these products were delivered to 1000+ clients within a short timeline. 

The Process 

Yayoi Kusama's The Obliteration Room is a plain white room that is plastered over time with small circular stickers as gallery-goers explore the space. Over time, the dot stickers "obliterate" the room, transforming it into a pointillism paradise. When Nadel's Chief Strategy Officer Debbie Abergel experienced the exhibit, her imagination was ignited with ideas that she couldn't wait to share with her clients. She loved the simplicity but also the impact of The Obliteration Room, and wanted the Dots Collection to pay homage to Kusama's work. 

We created a style guide to share with our factories, giving them freedom to interpret the style guide. What they came up with was better than what we could have expected! 

The Results

We sent more than 1000 companies at least one aspect of The Dots Collection, and we received glowing feedback. The Dots Collection helped reinvigorate our clients' and our own creativity, and several companies put in requests for new merchandise orders. The Dots Collection was the perfect representation of the thought and care that goes into our branded merchandise offerings. 

DEBBIE ABERGEL, Chief Strategy Officer at Nadel

"The simplicity of The Obliteration Room is what attracted me to it. I wanted to infuse this summer collection with the same approachability. It didn't need to be super complicated to be fun, attractive, and inspiring. Apparently, it resonated with our clients, too, because we had several requests to put their own company name on the collection."

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