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Nadel's Brand Consultants have the opportunity to create self-promotional kits to introduce themselves to local businesses they may want to collaborate with. This self-promotion was created for our Manhattan Beach office and featured a few products that exuded Southern California's beachy and laid-back personality. The gift set, including a cozy throw, a terracotta desk planter, and an eco-friendly glass water bottle, was delivered to local businesses with more than 150 employees in the area.

The Challenge 

We wanted to create a gift set for local businesses that communicated our vast capabilities, while leaning into the local lifestyle. For this project, we wanted to think beyond the typical mug or pen gift, and give people something that they would actually enjoy using in their everyday lives. Because we had more flexibility with timing, we were able to take our time with ideation and sourcing. 

The Process 

Brand Consultant Mallory Ebrahemi wanted to use the greeting "Hey Neighbor" to connect with local Manhattan Beach businesses in a casual, friendly, and memorable way. The rainbow motif, subtly echoed across all products in the set, also felt neutral and welcoming (who doesn't love seeing a rainbow?!). The products were intended to be relatively simple so other companies could easily envision branding them for their own audiences.  

We partnered with the surfer-founded company Slowtide to create the premium cotton blankets, which are sturdy enough for a beach picnic and soft enough for the couch. Because we have long-standing partnerships with retail-facing manufacturers, we were able to easily create the on-trend terracotta planter and sustainable glass water bottle with ease. 


The Results 

This gift set definitely resonated with Manhattan Beach businesses because our office received an almost-50% response rate, leading to some exciting partnerships! Each item was thoughtfully designed to speak to the Southern Californian business leader who values quality and sustainability. 



Mallory Ebrahemi, Brand Consultant

"This gift was so successful because of the curation, beautiful design, and local approach. The message that came with it was clear and straightforward, while remaining warm and friendly."

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