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When Zoom had to take their annual Zoomtopia event online in 2020 and 2021, Nadel stepped in to help ensure the event was as memorable as past years with an online retail experience. Attendees could shop a broad selection of unique merchandise aligned with the year's theme. 2020's theme was Epic Environments and 2021's was The Imaginarium. It was up to Nadel's Brand Consultants to translate these themes into one-of-a-kind merchandise to commemorate the event.

The Challenge 

We've managed the branded merchandise side of Zoom's annual user conference, Zoomtopia, since it first kicked off in 2016. When COVID-19 pushed the event (and everything else) online, we had to be flexible to overcome this new challenge—without sacrificing the innovation or creativity we'd brought to their pop-up shop. 

Managing the entire virtual gift shop for Zoomtopia is no small feat. We are responsible for sourcing and designing the merchandise, creating the product pages, fulfilling orders, and monitoring inventory. Additionally, we provide customer service to Zoom's customers—meaning we need to put our best foot forward at all times. It's also important to ensure products are delivered promptly, as anything that's more than three days after the event starts to lose its sparkle. 

The Process 

After Zoom reveals the theme for each year's event, they'll send us a brand kit. From there, we'll ideate items that fit within that theme. To start, Zoom likes to offer one wearable (such as a super-soft t-shirt or cozy crewneck), drinkware, and a hat. We adjust the colors and the design to complement the year's theme. Our team likes to take it another step with a cool, niche item that feels like a collectible. For instance, we have created colorful enamel pins for each event since 2019. 

In 2020 and 2021, we created a virtual store featuring branded merchandise that event attendees could purchase. Applying Zoom's custom website design, we wanted people to feel like they're browsing their favorite e-commerce website. The products needed to be on trend and of excellent quality so event attendees would actually want to purchase them with their own money. For instance, a pair of blue-light blocking glasses, a pigment-dyed sweatshirt or a neon fanny pack. Moreover, V.I.P. guests received a branded gift card in 2021 to shop with, and speakers were given a limited-edition wearable item. 

We take fulfillment, shipping and store support off Zoom's plate entirely so they can focus on the more business-critical aspects of Zoomtopia.  

The Results 

Every year, we look forward to discovering the year's Zoomtopia theme and finding ways to enhance the experience. Whether we're in person or online, our work with Zoom has always exceeded expectations.

Sarah Kliewer, Brand Consultant

"I have worked with Zoom since they only had 36 employees. Now, they have thousands. It has been an absolute pleasure to support them and see their growth through the years. We can't wait to find out what the theme for Zoomtopia 2022 will be!"

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