What’s Trending in Fashion?

Move over, 2015. With a new year comes new trends in the fashion world, and we are here to make sure you are up to date on the hottest trends of 2016. From denim and nautical to street style and artisan, here is what you don’t want to miss out on this year.


Everything denim. Denim is here to stay in the fashion world. Shirts have denim feel and fabrics are washed with a grown-up edge. What was once considered vintage is now considered the norm — denim is a fashion classic and is taking over in 2016.
PROMO IT: You can do anything with denim, and if you can’t use denim material, you can still work with a denim print in caps, shirts, sunglasses, fabrics and blankets.


Creative Artisan. Tales as old as time. Hipster meets bohemian giving us a vintage feel, and creative stripes and rustic colors make up the artisan style for well-loved pieces.
PROMO IT: We are seeing the creative artisan style in vintage backpacks, apparel, velour blankets, traditional candy and games.


Nautical Wanderlust. 2016 is about expedition and travel, but you don’t need to be traveling to show off the style. This nautical feel takes chalky neutrals to an updated feel. Blues, neutrals, rope and beiges rock this trend.
PROMO IT: Show off your nautical style with striped totes, neutral tones, brown sunglasses and rope.


50’s Punk. Iconic punk meets minimalism in 50’s punk. Leather dominates this trend, making us feel like rock stars.
PROMO IT: Bring our your 50s punk with leather backpacks, bomber jackets and grunge.


Urban Utility. Army shades, flannel, fleece blankets, technological backpacks and khakis make up the urban utility style. Workwear and uniforms are detailed with zippers, pockets and features. Cargo pants and bomber jackets are main items of this trend, not to mention earthy tones that give off an urban vibe.
PROMO IT: Rock the urban utility trend with cargo uniform shorts, flannel shirts, bomber jackets, army green bags and khaki colors.


Street Style. Sportswear meets a smarter edge in street style. People are going with the casual look in 2016, and classic black and brown tones work together to create complimentary stripes fit for everyday wear.
PROMO IT: Street style can be found in quilted jackets, text print on totes & apparel, sportswear, stripe and beanies.

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