Tote bags are all the craze. Approximately half of the U.S. population keeps their promotional bags. and rightfully so. Who doesn’t love an easy-to-carry versatile bag that can be used for just about anything? JNI is here to give you a heads-up on the trendy details.

  1. Unexpected details. Whether it’s a buckle, buttons, chains, or just a wacky design, having that [WOW] factor on an everyday bag can really be an advantage over other promotional bags and to be sure it doesn’t just get tossed. This can ultimately be inspired by retail looks around you. Together, our minds can come up with something outside of the box.
  2. The handles. They’re not too hard to handle. Mixing materials and colors is all the fun. Try looking for leather handles and a canvas bag, or maybe check out two different colors. Rope handles are often associated with nautical stripes and a beachy vibe, but they can be paired with any design or color for a continued stylish effortless look. This can be a great way to upgrade a standard tote bag to ensure it’ll be used.
  3. The bottomless bag. One of the reasons tote bags are so popular is because of how much they can hold. They’re more or less the ‘Mary Poppins bags’ of bags. Whether someone needs to bring their laptop, books, or maybe even groceries, they’ll be sure to count on an endless tote bag to carry everything.
  4. Hidden pockets. Aside from the large items, inside many tote bags are hidden compartments that will hold all of your small essentials. Stop your cell phone, chap-stick, and other small items from getting swallowed up by the black abyss that is the bottom of the bag by opting for the capability to keep them all organized.

We’re tote-ally stoked to create your next giveaway bag.