Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field Partnership Boxes


  • Brand Promotion Design
  • Custom Product Design
  • PR Box Curation
  • Logo Creation
  • Shipping + Tracking
  • Kit Assembly + Packaging 


  • PR / Sports/Fitness

For the Chicago Cubs, Nadel created personalized boxes for potential partners to showcase new assets that needed sponsorship: including on-deck circles, bleacher seat signage, pitcher's mound, and outfield signage. The goal was to impress potential partners enough to secure sponsorships for the new assets.


The Chicago Cubs needed to take a unique and memorable approach to secure sponsors for four new assets at Wrigley Field. They wanted to showcase the potential to each partner and hoped to do so with personalized boxes that showcased their branding in each space.


We created personalized boxes for each potential partner, featuring branding for each space. For two of the boxes, we used raw materials from Wrigley Field - pitcher's mound dirt for the pitcher's mound signage box, and metal from the bleachers for the bleacher seat signage box. We had to use a water jet to cut through the thick metal for the bleacher trays! 


The boxes were a huge success, impressing potential partners and securing sponsorships for all four assets well in advance of their deadline. The client was thrilled with the results, and the finished product was a unique executive gift for each potential partner.


"The finished product was beautifully executed, and each individual box turned out to be a one-of-a-kind executive gift. Projects like this one are what make our jobs amazing!"

Cassie Sloan, Senior Brand Consultant

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