Back-to-school shopping has transformed over the years. It’s no longer about the simple things like #2 pencils and fancy sharpeners. Now some classrooms require more updated “techy” items which can be tricky to shop for. But what if you’re still a big fan of those classroom classics? You can still choose those as branded merchandise, or check out these cool alternatives!

1. Old School: A #2 pencil
2. New School: Sprout pencil – when the pencil’s done, plant it and watch it grow!
3. Old School: Neon gel pens
4. New School: A pen stylus – iPad’s are replacing books in many classrooms, making a two-in-one stylus pen an essential tool.
5. Old School: Pencil box
6. New School: Power bank – Customize your own mold and give away a school bus-designed power bank for those pesky battery draining electronics.
7. Old School: Tin lunch pails
8. New School: Filtered water bottles – Keep everyone healthy by putting fruit through the filter to give the water flavor and nutrition throughout the day.
9. Old School: Wall calendar
10. New School: Customized day planner – Personalize it or decorate with names and stylish patterns