Are yoga pants… pants?

The answer is “yes.” The trend of athleisure is undeniably on the rise, with A-list celebrities leading the way by incorporating active wear into their stylish everyday wardrobes. And it appears the look is here to stay, as evidenced by the massive growth in retail sales of athletic merchandise recently. In today’s health-conscious society, consumers are shifting towards a more active lifestyle, and saving time on the go by seamlessly transitioning their outfit from the gym to the office.

Customers are rejecting the strict confines of jeans and traditional business attire, and opting instead for functional yet fashionable athletic pieces that serve multiple purposes. Not only is athleisure comfortable, but the breathable fabric also offers a sleek, flattering look that has even couture designers rushing to get in on the trend. By sticking with neutral colors and layering, practical promotional clothing items, such as yoga pants, tank tops, sporty jackets, and tennis shoes, can be effortlessly integrated into a daily ensemble. When presenting athleisure items to potential clients, it is important to explain the versatility of each piece, and how it may serve as a wardrobe staple for any occasion, depending on how you accessorize.

  1. Seasonal Trends. First and foremost, keep up with seasonal trends. Denim, artisan, nautical, punk, urban and street styles are taking over 2016. The great thing about athleisure is the versatility between street style and gymwear. Check out more here:
  2. Textures. Polyblend is machine washable, low-priced and water resistant. The soft blend creates rich textiles to provide a unique style and comfortable feel. You’ll be rockin’ at the gym AND the couch!
  3. Patterns. Using geometrical patterns influences a striking work of art. Basic squares, rectangles and triangles add a punch of personality to any promo.
  4. Colors. Beige colors give a lax feel to any outfit keeping a chic and elegant look. Try using neutrals for your next t-shirt design.
  5. Socks. 2016 is all about sublimated socks! You’re only limited by your own creativity with these.