7 Reasons to use Instax cameras for your next promo:

  1. Wide Demographic. They appeal to any demographic – young and old and male and female.
  2. Instant Gratification. People love to take photographs and this is an image you can touch and feel – unlike a smartphone photo. Holding the photograph can make you feel it.
  3. Nostalgia. Does anyone remember shaking your instant film awaiting for it to develop?
  4. Events. People remember experiences. Photos taken at your event will be physically carried around as a constant reminder and conversation piece.
  5. Price. Inexpensive price points and model/color/bundle variations make for easy program execution and appeal to a wide range of customers.
  6. Unique. There is a very low household penetration; most people don’t own an Instax camera, which makes for a great incentive and unique way to stand out from the crowd.
  7. They’re just plain awesome.