What are 4 reasons to work on that fitness?

For the cool products of course! Sometimes a snazzy new gym bag, an awesome water bottle, or a top notch yoga mat are all you need for a little gym motivation. Creating an office environment that promotes health and wellness is important, it’ll help your company uphold a good reputation and make for happier employees. Read the statistics, exercise makes for more productive workers and gives them an all-around happy glow. These are proven facts, so in order to have more productive employees you should offer up some fun fitness products to help give them a jump start.

Fit Bits! We have them and many other products similar to accommodate your price range. Use them as an incentive program to get your employees up and moving during the work day. Make it a goal for groups to hit a certain amount of steps and they’ll win a prize. It’ll be a win-win for everyone.

Really cool gear. It’s the little things that can motivate someone to get active whether it’s a nice gym bag, water bottle, or shirt, all can do just that. It gives people an excuse to use their new gear and show it off (as well as your brand). With fitness becoming a big craze, there are hundreds of products to fit every healthy lifestyle. When people have the right gear, they’ll feel more confident walking in to a fitness facility.

Foam rollers. For when your employees really get moving, they’ll want one of these to take care of those sore muscles. Place your logo on it with some stand out colors, that way when they’re taken to the gym others will notice your company’s name.

A sweat towel. We have some awesome sweat towels that now have high tech fabrics. They’re soft and absorb sweat or moisture right away. This way no one will have to use the unpleasant towels that gyms hand out and your logo will be easily displayed.

Incentive gifts in the office are a great way to really get everyone moving and staying healthy. Using exciting fitness products as prizes when everyone collectively, or individually, hits a certain goal could be just the motivation everyone needs to live a more healthy lifestyle in and out of the office. We know a thing or two about fitness products, so be sure to ask for some creative ideas!